Marty Allran

My fascination with clay began when I was a small child playing in the red clay banks near my home in the foothills of North Carolina’s mountains. Much of my adult life was spent in Indiana and Michigan. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design and Art from Eastern Michigan University and adopted clay as my sole medium of artistic expression after retiring from the interior design profession.I attribute my fascination with texture, movement, and colors found in nature to my love of the ocean and the North Carolina high country. In 2002 I returned to North Carolina where I share residences in Wilmington and West Jefferson with my husband and our Australian Shepherd.My focus is hand-built sculptural clay pieces. My clay creations are filled with the colors, texture and mystery of nature; inviting to the eye and to the touch.I enjoy the creative process and have a passion for clay. It is my hope that my art is received with the same pleasure that I experience in the creation of each and every piece.