Sterling Edwards
Intuitive Experience
June 29 – July 30

NC artist Sterling Edwards employs stylized shapes, bold lights and darks, and dramatic color rhythms to build his sought after abstract expressionist paintings. His expressive calligraphy and splattering are signature techniques. Intuitive Experience features new works in acrylic and watercolor.
Artist Statement
I often refer to my abstracted paintings as an intuitive and spontaneous artistic statement. They’re a vision on display composed of energetic and expressive brushwork in some areas that are complemented with subtleties in other areas.
They’re a division of space into irregular and asymmetric design and a juxtaposition of positive and negative space. These are accentuated with hard and soft edges, alluring and interesting textures, and highlighted with calligraphy and expressive colors. What I demand from one of my abstracted paintings is that it truly is a spontaneous and intuitive artistic statement.

A Summer Pairing
Oil painter Sue Sneddon and jewelry designer Deb Hill
August 3 – September 5

We’re showcasing two new artists for the month of August. Sue Sneddon works in oil and pastel. Her paintings are fleeting moments of light in the sky, on the water or on wet sand. Sneddon says, “I had my first thought of being a painter was when I was 13 or 14. My mother and I were discussing whether the pink in a bank of oyster shells was a reflection of the pink sky or in the shells themselves. We were on the south end of Pawley’s Island, SC witnessing a glorious sunset. I said to myself, if I could paint the joy I feel in this moment, then I could be a painter.”

Deb Hill has worked in commercial and fine art for many years. Her artisan jewelry features her signature hand crocheting which she incorporates with a variety of gemstones and natural objects. The multi-dimensional artist often paints porcelain with minerals mixed with flux that melts into a glazed disc during kiln firings to create a miniature piece of wearable art.

**Image: Deb Hill, Hand crocheted necklace with freshwater pearls, mother of pearl, cobalt glass beads and crystals.