The Awakeners:
Teachers, Mentors, Friends
Wednesday, August 5 – Saturday, Sept. 12

Please join us as we celebrate the art and talent of the gallery’s workshop and class instructors – Sterling Edwards, acrylic; Freeman Beard, watercolor; Joe DiGiulio, acrylic; Pat Smelkoff, batik; Ruth Cox, oil; Terry Harrison, watercolor; Jane Staszak, pastel; Ginny Lassiter, acrylic; Jane Truesdale, clay; and Jamie Futera, clay.

Wesley L. Wagner
Raw Grace, Warm Beauty
Wednesday, Sept. 16 – Saturday, Oct. 17

Despite decades of designing and creating unique wood furniture from trees along South Carolina’s Waccamaw River, the artist considers himself a hobbyist. Wagner’s pieces are graceful, functional and enduring. The show is exceptional. Read the full press release here.