Creativity Unleashed
March 1 – April 2

The gallery is featuring a month-long exhibition of works that celebrate outside-the-box thinking and creativity. Artists include Marty Allran (clay), Ginny Lassiter (acrylic), Mona Bendin (fabric), Ann McCray (oil), Linda Young (pastel), Anne Cunningham (metal), Celia Wester (oil), and Jim Comer (wood).
On Saturday, March 19, we will present a full day of live art including pottery wheel and hand building (Andrea Carroll, Kami Kinnison); marbling (Ginny Lassiter); pillow making and fabric dying (Mona Bendin); oil (Celia Wester), watercolor (Hank Pulkowski), and acrylic painting (Ginny Lassiter); pastel (Linda Young); wood carving (Jim Comer) and more. Performing live music will be Lesa Hudson and Rick Strickland from the SC-based Rick Strickland Band. Both musicians have earned numerous music industry honors including several Carolina Beach Music Awards. This will be a CD release event to showcase the brand new offering from Strickland, his CD titled New Beginning.
Please join us and unleash your own creativity!

Awakening: Works in Acrylic and Clay by Kami Kinnison
April 6 – 30; Reception April 9, 2 – 5 p.m.

Twelve new paintings and twelve new pieces of sculptural clay. This is an unfolding of freedom, love, adventure, honesty and truth . . . as the artist allows herself to discover who she really is. From the artist:

This series is about my journey as a artist, a free spirit, moving to the beach to paint by the ocean, and falling totally and completely in love with my amazing life! 

It evolves into standing up, letting go, reaching down and getting deeply in touch with my personal power and my power as a woman. It’s about embracing all of life…my joy, my anger, my happiness, my struggles, my pain, my sadness, my passion, my hunger, my dreams…my reality.