Rustic Simplicity
May 4 – 31

We love combining different styles, in this case rustic with sleek. The key is keeping it simple. At this gallery this month, we’re showcasing the rustic hand-crafted furniture of SC furniture maker Jean-Claude Rossignol and his son Marcel. Their hand-planed, hand-built, hand-rubbed pieces are reminiscent of another time, but they work beautifully in today’s homes – especially when you pair them with sophisticated, sleek pottery, glass or even other furniture.

We love their oversize step back kitchen or dining cabinet filled with Andrea Carroll’s contemporary porcelain dinnerware and Scott Summerfield’s hand-blown art glass pears. Just for fun we’ll add some other rustic pieces to the mix such as Betsy Sellers’ clay bowls with twig handles and classic Sea Grove face jugs from Koepnick Pottery. On the walls, look for the simple, striking and very contemporary landscapes of Nancy Hughes Miller and abstracts by Ginny Lassiter.

Kaleidoscope: Unique Visions of the Carolina Coast
Photographic Works by Mark Hilliard
June 2 – 25

Specializing in fine art nature photography, Mark has chased his visions throughout the United States and beyond to South America to Europe. HIs photographic excursions to hidden treasures along the southeastern U.S. coast have been a favorite with other wildlife photographers. Mark is well-known and respected for his low country and coastal images. For this show he has pulled together a stunning collection of images of the Carolina coast – including some of his coveted hummingbirds and other birds in flight.