Adrienne Watts

Adrienne Watts grew up in a small West Virginia steel mill town just outside Pittsburgh, PA. After graduating from Towson University and Loyola University (Baltimore) and living and working in Maryland for ten years, Adrienne and husband, Ron, relocated to North Carolina, where she took her first watercolor class. She explored creating with watercolor and watercolor pencil while they ran a business and raised three children.

She now resides in Wilmington, NC with husband, Ron, a Golden Retriever and two Bichons. She is an avid gardener and is grateful to have the time to paint and create daily at her home studio.

Artist’s Statement

The artwork that I love and have always been drawn to is abstract painting. I enjoy doing non-objective artwork as it is deeply personal to me, yet it allows the viewer to interpret the work and see in it what they may, making it personal to them as well.

The process by which I create is intuitive. Beginning with a sketched composition, a word, or a phrase, I rely on shape, color and values to inform the work as it progresses. These paintings are an exploration of thought and emotion. Eventually, the painting takes on a particular character and begins to communicate a feeling that I can name. It is my hope that it does the same for those who see it.