Ann Parks McCray

I live and work in Wilmington, NC, where striking natural beauty frequently inspires painted odes to Nature. Many pieces express the essence of sky, sea, and a dense lushness of trees. A bold palette with generous paint produces an energetic textured feel. These renditions are interpretations of moments in time—abstractions of experience, location, feeling.

Many of my paintings are suited to large airy spaces where light and distance combine to emphasize a sense of freedom conveyed in the work.

Marrying beauty with function to harmonize space is a personal goal. One’s visual experience is psychologically and emotionally significant to a positive life experience. Art inspires and comforts, heals and rejuvenates. The human heart rests in beauty. When art is placed in healing or sacred spaces, the effect of the work is especially magnified. I believe art is meant to work as well as to please.

Putting Art to Work
• Breast cancer awareness
• Child Advocacy
• DowntownWilmington
• First Presbyterian Church
• Charlotte, NC, Heart Association
• Haiti Relief Fund
• Humane Society
• Katrina Victims
• North Carolina Coastal Land Trust
• University of North Carolina at Wilmington Memorial Scholarship
• Wilmington Symphony.
: In the seven years I have lived in Wilmington, I have contributed paintings to::
Organizational Placements
• Charles Wilson VA Outpatient Clinic, Lufkin, Texas: three paintings in the waiting room.
• Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio: photographs in the chemotherapy treatment rooms.
• Whitefish, MT, United Methodist Church: nine-piece abstraction, Madonna & Child, Sunday school area.