Anne Cunningham

Since 1990, Anne Cunningham has been on an exciting exploration using metals such as copper, brass, and aluminum to create free-form wall sculptures.

“Every day is an experiment,” the Wilmington, NC artist says. She is discovering new ways to texturize and shape the metals, layering with papers, weaving cut strips, applying inks, dyes, chemicals and paints.

With no constricting boundaries, Cunningham’s work continues to change and evolve. Her work is represented by distinguished galleries around the country and in private and corporate collections such as S.A.S. Institute, Duke Medical Center, Bank of Birmingham, Marriott International, Carolina Power & Light, Wake Medical Centers and United Health Care, Salt Lake City.

Cunningham’s work has been voted Best of North Carolina Artists, First Place in Mixed Media.

Artist’s Statement
The world is ever changing, and I believe art needs to continue to grow and change. I feel a resposibility and joy in continuing to experiment and create new and exciting work.