Audrey McLeod

Audrey McLeod has lived in the low country of South Carolina all of her life. In her early years she lived in Charleston, SC and could be found “making art” in various ways. When she was finishing high school, she was accepted into an art school out of state, but decided to take business instead. During these working years she continued to paint, taking workshops and classes with many prominent artists in the Carolinas and Georgia. Her knowledge expanded with creativity, skill and experience. Encouraged by many friends, clients and instructors, she continues to pursue her art, which has become a large part of her life.

Painting primarily in oils, her work can be found in businesses and homes throughout the southeast. She has entered and received recognition in many art shows through the southeast.

Artist Statement

The inspiration for my art is from my past experiences and personal interests as well as my love for the world around us. The landscapes of our state are beautiful. The beaches and marshes of the coastal counties, the flowers and gardens of the Piedmont areas and the mountains in the upstate, to name a few, are endless subjects that show the beauty of nature God has given us here in South Carolina.