Babs Ludwick

Babs LudwickOriginally from a small anthracite coal mining town in northeastern Pennsylvania, Babs and her singer/songwriter husband (local legend Calabash Flash) moved to  Calabash, NC in 1990. They immersed themselves in the area. Babs joined the Watercolor Society of North Carolina, Associated Artists of Southport (AAS), Oak Island Art Guild, Brunswick Arts Council (BAC) and Waterway Art Association (WAA).

Babs and Flash took shag dance classes and became involved in the area’s beach music and local shag clubs along with the Carolina Beach Music Academy. Sadly, Flash passed away in June 2017. Ever the creative soul, Babs has continued her artwork, but is preparing to move to Florida to be with her daughter and grandsons.

Art Background

She has earned numerous awards, including most recently a 2015 Merit Award, from AAS; 2014 Best of Show from WAA; 2014 People’s Choice Award, BAC; 2014 Second Place/Mixed Media and 2012 First Place/Acrylic from Oak Island Art Guild.

Babs is known for her highly creative vision and an innovative approach to her colorful and thought-provoking art. Her motto is “Do what makes your heart beat.” According to the eccentric artist, the creative process is as mysterious as the unfolding of life … the revealing of an emotion, passion or a surprise. When she first began to paint, she says, she pretended she was five years old (because five-year-olds don’t know what they can’t do). Babs is still experimenting, getting in touch with that inner five-year-old and exploring – not knowing what is about to happen. She says that’s a good place to be.