Becky Lee

Becky began her art career in 1972. She studied under Diddy Anderson, a Charleston, SC artist. After teaching her the basics, Diddy encouraged her to develop her own style.

Becky had always enjoyed drawing and painting as a child. He mother complained that she could not eep enough notebook paper in the house because Becky drew on everything. Art education was not taught in the public school system, but she had a fifth grade teacher, Miss Belle Sanders, and under her guidance she cheated her first painting.

Becky started painting in oils, but the paint dried very slowly. She had small children at the time and after one of them made a “finger painting” of a canvas she had drying, she quickly switched to acrylics, which dried much more quickly.

The subjects she chose to paint were the “lifestyle and landscapes” she had grown up around in the South Carolina low country. Many of these memories are now a pictorial history of places and events that no longer exist.

The artist says, “I have painted many generic church scenes over the years, but one historic favorite I preserved was the Mt. Olivet Reformed Episcopal Church at Rantowles. This church, established in 1880 was housed in a wooden two-story building. It made a beautiful structure to preserve on canvas before it was replaced in 1981 by a new and improved concrete block building. This church was a prominent landmark at the intersection of Hwy 17 and SC 162 in Rantowles.