Bobbie Pell

Bobbie Pell, a storyteller, folklorist, and writer, invites you to delight in the magical world of luxurious color! By using high quality wools (Merino, Suri Alpaca, Peruvian Highland) along with cotton, silk, and Tencel blends, Bobbie creates unique garments for women suitable for both formal events or informal gatherings. Each elegant piece allows the wearer to reveal her regal inner goddess or playful inner child as the ribbon fringe dances with light! All works are created by hand, either crocheted, woven, or a mix of both techniques resulting in delicate folds and drapes.Bobbie’s inspiration stems from Celtic Traditions, a seamless merging of the spiritual realms with the natural world. Her color combinations and piece names mirror events of Celtic feast days, festivals, and beliefs.Bobbie’s hope for each wearer is that she will embrace her feminine beauty and move in grace-filled paths so her spirit may soar!