Charles T. Glazer

Charles Glazer has practiced his art professionally for more than 50 years. At age ten, he was selected to enter an elite artist training program under master artist Joseph Fitzpatrick at the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh – the same class where Andy Warhol studied – which he attended for seven years. He also trained at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh while attending high school.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism at the Pennsylvania State University where he studied various media, including print, film, video, and performance art. He recently retired from a successful career in corporate relations. During his career, the artist leveraged his creative talent in many roles, working for two world-class advertising and public relations agencies, serving as editor and publisher of two magazines and managing the corporate relations departments of three Fortune 500 companies.

During his career, Charles created countless award-winning advertising and promotional campaigns, brochures, newsletters, videos, films, commercials, billboards, annual reports, live shows and other creative communication media.

Now retired and residing in Myrtle Beach, SC, Charles has refocused his creative talent on oil painting that reflects the beautiful coastal and low country ecology of the area. He does both commissioned and non-commissioned work.