Cheri Dowd

I delight in design. Since most things I design have a purpose, they must function successfully and have eye appeal. I’m sure this comes from my earliest work in clothing. I began sewing for myself at age 13 after my mother said she couldn’t make all the pattern changes I requested. This may have been true but it also served as a cunning ploy on her part! I dug right in, adding details and altering patterns from the word “go.”

Between then and now, I have enjoyed a 30-year career in education, mostly kindergarten, and a wide range of personal design experiences including fashion, home interiors, furniture, gardens, home architecture, and sever arts and crafts mediums. My work in jewelry began in the 70s with basic bead stringing. In the 90s I expanded my knowledge with classes in fabrication and lost wax casting. For several years I was part of a group of artist jewelers working at the Midland, MI Center for the Arts while taking classes at the facility.

In Summer 2003 I began my current adventure in wire crochet. I had very little information, so I worked out the designs and techniques as I went along. I was full of creative energy and the ideas are still flowing! I added evening bags to my repertoire in Fall 2004. Designing patterns and making the bags is more akin to hat making than to other sewing. By adding removable jewelry accents, I give the owner two for one. Even when the bag is on the shelf, the jewelry can be worn. Just keep it in your jewelry box and enjoy!