Emily Parker

A love of color, texture and design has graced Emily Parker’s life since she designed her first piece of jewelry at age seven. Throughout her childhood, Emily spent countless hours in her mother’s studio, experimenting with painting, collage, weaving and with the one medium to which she would return again and again – jewelry.

These early influences grew into a love for the arts that Emily has expressed in two divergent but complementary fields – fine food and fine jewelry. Trained in jewelry design by her artist mother, and later at East Carolina University, and classically trained in French Nouvelle Cuisine, Emily has found her creative expression blending flavors and textures into a memorable meal with the same passion with which she blends gemstones and metals into a wearable work of art.

Once the owner of restaurants in the Virginia foothills and North Carolina coast, Emily now devotes her energies full time to jewelry design. She uses hand fabrication, lost wax casting and precious metal clay to frame a variety of semi-precious stones in designs that range from classic to contemporary.

Emily finds inspiration for her work just outside the door of the historic home she and her husband share in the coastal community of Wilmington, NC. Design cues abound in the changing seasonal color palette and textural contrasts of the coastal landscape, as well as in the architectural motifs of the historic district. Cultural icons of the ancient Egyptian, Celtic and pre-Columbian civilizations have also been influential I the development of her design style.