George Krobatsch

George is a retired builder and general contractor from the state of New Jersey. Working with architecture and design, building and remodeling actually helped him develop the skills of the artist that he is today. His school of artistry came from his life’s work as he used those abilities to pour into his business ventures through creative design of furniture, housing, crafts, and more. He retired more than 20 years ago to Southport, NC. After a time of great pain and loss in his life he began watercolor painting and has found new purpose for enriching his life and inspiring others.
Artist Statement
Being a “realist” all my life, my watercolors are simple and real. They represent everyday life with boats, buildings, and people just as they are. I think coming from an older generation offers a rich perspective of what matters in life, which I believe my paintings reflect. Combining my carpentry skills, I have added distinctive wooden frames. Each one is uniquely hand-crafted to display my paintings. Each day is an opportunity to do something different, whether it be a new painting or crafting a complimentary frame. All are expressions of who I am and the world as I see it.