Greta Swaim

Greta Swaim considers herself a linear expressionist. Her work is held by discriminating collectors in many parts of the world. She has had many one-woman Shows. One of her pieces, United Visions, won Best in Show in three countries, Canada, USA and Central America and travelled from New York throughout the country. Honors include Spring 2009 finalist for the cover of the first edition of the national art magazine Art/Sync and Fall 2012, finalist, The Artist’s Magazine international art competition, December issue. Swaim has developed her own genre and is easily recognized. in most cases she initials her work in all four corners and then signs the back, enabling the viewers to decide which way they choose to view the piece. Greta studied at the Vancouver Museum of Art and The Art Insititute, both in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Artist Statement
My current series has evolved from plane, people, headlines to pure linear expressionism and at times, abstract expressionism. My artist vision, though still sometimes cubistic, has become much more abstract and linear and I find my paintings are responding more to music. I work without a score, improvising as I go, an intuitive stream of consciousness that leaves shapes and ideas to suggest themselves.