Jane Truesdale

I was born and raised in Diamond Point, NY in the Adirondack Mountains. That’s where I get my earthiness from. One summer, when I was 16, I interned for the artist Jeanne Hastings. She taught me pottery and I helped her in the gallery. I did this for two summers. When I graduated from high school she helped me go to college. I thank her for that. I also thank her for my love of pottery.

I have been making and teaching pottery throughout my life. When I moved to the South, it was my goal to buy the pottery equipment I needed to start again and I did. Yay! When Ginny opened Sunset River Marketplace in 2002, I encouraged her to hire me as a teacher. We set up a studio and here we are!

As a potter, who am I?

Well, I can throw on the wheel and hand build. But my favorite is hand building. Even if I throw a piece I have to hand build to some extent. Although I’ve done production pottery in the past, that’s not what I do these days. Now I am making one-of-a-kind (usually non-functional) pieces. I’m having so much fun!

Nature is one of my gods. Leaves, trees, birds, bugs, etc. fascinate me. Human faces are also my love. I make masks that can go in the garden or anywhere you want. Fantasy and playfulness are both in my work. I don’t really like depressing pottery, so I make it fun and outside the box.

About signing my name. Most potters sign on the bottom of their pots, but, of course, I don’t :). I sign my pieces in the front, like a painting, where everyone can see it. I’m proud of what I make. And last but not least, I sign it Jane. That’s who I am and I want everyone to know it.