Jenny McKinnon Wright

Jenny McKinnon Wright is an award-winning artist who believes that working en plein air allows her to “capture the emotion that only painting in that location can offer.”

For those who own her work, her sense of color shines through. Although she is personally enlivened by the locations she paints, those places can become the viewer’s own experience.

“Something catches my eye,” she says, “the light, composition, the colors that I actually see. To portray that momentary connection with nature on canvas is the challenge. If the light on a building is glowing int he late afternoon, I might underpaint the scene in a warm red. Later, that color will peek through, giving the piece the glow that captured me earlier.”

It’s continual learning, this journey of pushing oil paint around to build forms using luscious combinations and varied techniques. She leaves it to the viewer to imaging stories about the scenes she paints.

Wright started her art education at the watercolor artist Aunt Sarah’s side, then earned an art degree at East Carolina University, and followed with graduate work at Georgia State University while teaching high school art. Inspired as a student by the Impressionist painters, Wright continues to study with well-known plein air painters.