Katherine Duckworth

I have been drawing and painting my entire life and found at an early age how much joy comes from being creative! I have been fascinated by the way that light affects the world around me. The way that sunlight creates both highlights and shadows has been a lifelong study. Recently my use of color and composition has been greatly influenced by workshops with artists Sterling Edwards, Joe DiGiulio and Elaine Bigelow.I received my BA in Fine Arts and certification in Secondary Art Education from Roanoke College. I continued my education with a second degree in Youth and Children’s Ministries and became a Commissioned Minister of Education in 1995. My creative interests and passions have been shared in art classrooms, summer camp and in private group instruction with teenagers and with children in Vermont for nearly 30 years.My artwork has been on exhibit at the Southern Vermont Art Center in Manchester Vermont where I’ve been a artist member for over 30 years. I was also at the Manchester’s farmer’s market with my jewelry for many summers.After 37 years of visiting Sunset Beach each summer, I finally made my permanent home here four years ago. While first renting here I found Sunset River Marketplace and began studying with artist Elaine Bigelow. Two years ago I became a permanent member of Studio 12, which shares studio space here at SRM. I’m truly happy that I’ve found a “home” here at Sunset River Marketplace!