King’s Pottery

Terry and Anna King are lifelong residents of Seagrove, the pottery capital of the United States. While very young, they began a relationship with Dot and Walter Auman (potters and owners of the now legendary “Seagrove Pottery”), and consequently developed an interest in clay. The Aumans encouraged the Kings, and eventually hired them in 1985.

While working for Dot and Walter, they were instructed in most of the tasks required to run and maintain a true southern, traditional, production pottery. Their duties included mixing clay and glazes, “turning” and glazing pots, and loading kilns. It was during this two year internship that they developed an intense love for folk art.

In 1987, Terry, Anna, and their daughter, Crystal, opened their first pottery on the site of the old Joe Owen Pottery, on Hwy. 705, south of Seagrove. Soon after, Anna was taken under the wing of master potter Charlie Owen, brother of Joe and Ben Owen. They have since built a studio closer to home and another studio, called “Southern Visions,” on Hwy. 705, which is known as The Potters’ Highway.

Although the Kings use their creativity to produce functional, every day, pottery, their true talents emerge when they direct their hands, minds, and hearts toward sculptural, folk pottery. These pieces include handbuilt lions, rams, chickens, and Noah’s arks, as well as wheel thrown and altered jugs, face jugs, and grape cluster pitchers. It is while creating these highly collectable, one-of-a-kind pieces, that Terry, Anna, and Crystal are happiest; and their abilities and contentment is evident in each and every piece.