Larry Ellert

I am Larry Ellert! I was born in Garrett, Indiana and raised on a small farm near there. I developed an interest in stones and rock-hounding at a young age. My mother (Peg Ellert) was an avid rock-hound and started doing lapidary work (the art of cutting, shaping and polishing stones) when I was about 12. She saw I had an interest and taught me some of the basics of lapidary work. Then along came girls, dating, the U.S. NAVY, and working for a living! That put the interest in lapidary way in the back of my mind. In 2005 I started full-time RVing. Along with the RVing came the hiking etc, and I just could not resist picking up colorful rocks. It’s amazing how many rocks you can collect in a short period of time.

So now I had all these beautiful rocks and needed to do something with them. While in Indiana, visiting my parents and talking to my mother, she told me that she still had her old lapidary machine from the 1960’s and that it was mine if I wanted it. Of course the motor had been taken off (my father needed it for his grain auger) and all that was left of it was the basic lapidary wheel itself. Acquiring a motor on E-Bay and making a mounting base for the unit I had it operating. I replaced the old carbide wheel (that my mother used in the day) with diamond wheels and before long had pretty well mastered the art of cutting and finishing the cabochons (the stones that I wrap).

In 2008 I then took a class on the art of wire-wrapping, and started wire-wrapping pendants and earrings for relatives and friends. Picking up a few very faithful followers that encouraged me to do more. I started doing some craft shows and now also do private home shows which has brought me to create these original pendants and earrings. I have Recently moved to Franklin, NC (the gem capitol of the U.S.) where I am continuing to learn more of the art of jewelry making and lapidary.