Lucky Dog Studios

In business for over ten years as Lucky Dog Studios, artist Don Grubb is a native and lifelong resident of Charlotte, NC. A self-taught artist, he is heavily influenced by abstract expressionism, Jackson Pollock in particular. From the tiniest earring to large acrylic paintings and sculptures in stone and wood, much of his art evokes mid-twentieth-century modernism.

Artist Statement

I think each of my earrings as a tiny, wearable abstract painting.

I have been entranced by beautiful stones for as long as I can remember.   Opal is a particular favorite, and is the inspiration for my most recent creations. Using ordinary artists’ materials, I attempt to capture its opalescent flash and dazzle in rainbows of colors in an affordable, wearable form.  

These opalescent earrings are not my only means of creativity: wood and stone sculpture, hand-built ceramics, acrylic painting, and lost-wax cast sterling jewelry are some of the ways I have found to share the forms, textures and colors of my imagination with the world.