Marlene Cassidy

Marlene Cassidy found her niche at the age of 66. She has loved art since she was a little girl born in Brooklyn, N.Y. Her family moved to Wilson, N.C. when she was six  years old. She attended Catholic school where her interest in art grew. She won her first art contest in third grade. (The nuns said she had a way with color and would one day become a famous artist.) What the nuns told her stayed with her and she continued to work at her art throughout high school and college, where her professor agreed with the nuns. She learned to paint; she became an award-winning wood cutter; she worked in media and styles.

Her favorite medium, however, has become jewelry design and, today, her bracelets show off her skill with color as she explores different textures and shapes. Marlene’s work is whimsical and yet beautiful. She taks time to make sure it all comes together to create a special look for all who wear her pieces. Custom design is available through Sunset River Marketplace.