Nancy McClure

Nancy was drawn to art at an early age. Growing up and throughout her education she took as many art classes as she could find in all media. She graduated from Syracuse University with a B. A. in Merchandising and filled all of her electives with studio art classes. She continued her education at Georgia State and Meredith College in Raleigh, NC in studio arts before becoming co-owner of ArtSource Fine Art Gallery in 1990. After working with so many talented artists for so many years she decided to fulfill her own dream of being an artist.

Her love of the outdoors and especially the beach where she spends her weekends is seen in much of her imagery. She is inspired by the early morning light and late afternoon light creating shadow seen in her landscapes. Nancy works from her own photographs for inspiration, and paints en plein air as well as in her studio. Her beautiful still life series are always painted from life. Nancy’s abstracts have a bright acrylic underpainting and in some cases an intentional texture that is visible even after the last stroke of oil.

Artist Statement
My goal as an artist is to create a piece of art that conveys an uplifting feeling for the viewer. I want my art to bring pleasure and joy to them as well as complementing their surroundings. I enjoy leaving some of the imagery up to the viewers own interpretation and imagination as I am working towards a less representational style. I would rather my collectors question why rather than being able to totally read what is before them.

I have worked in many different media over the years trying to find my way on this unbelievably fulfilling journey. Without a doubt painting with oils and a brush is the most rewarding to me. I do like to prepare my canvases with the complimentary color on the color wheel in acrylic before applying my oil paints. I also sometimes blend in a medium to create texture at this beginning stage. Once I see where I am going with the painting I will decide whether to use tools to scratch back through the painting and apply another few layers. It’s all so in the moment and spontaneous.

My interests of exactly what to paint have also evolved over the years. I enjoy painting still lifes from life that I will usually set up in my studio. I also take many photographs wherever I go and am editing these photos on a daily basis for future inspiration. I paint lots of seascapes, landscapes and large scale abstracts

What I love most about painting is the unlimited possibilities. It is endless.