Natalie Gentilo

My work is the result of a visual love affair with all things beautiful, self-teaching, and the determination to never work a boring job again!

Painting on a smaller scale is something that has always come naturally to me, even as a child. I’ll spend up to 16 hours straight working on a single design, not stopping until I’ve perfected every last intricate detail. A bit of self torture? Possibly. But it’s the only way I feel I can get my idea across organically. Well that, and I’m addicted to my work…

Most of my painted pieces measure at 2 inches and under. They’re all originals – individually painted (freehand, with no magnification or tracing devices) in limited numbers. With conservation being a global concern as well as a personal one, I try to incorporate as many natural elements into my work as possible (including wood, non-occupied seashells, and sustainable goods). Other materials you’ll see used repeatedly in my work are mother-of-pearl, sterling silver, natural gemstones, and Swarovski crystals. Although my eyes are drawn to shiny, pretty things – my personal style is a bit more earthy/bohemian and often comes through in my design aesthetic. I also love how color has the ability to completely transform your thoughts, so on rare occasions I’ll turn to vibrant hues, bold designs, and sometimes a little oddity to lighten the mood.

Lastly, I think the raw beauty of natural materials, imperfections and all, is something that no amount of painting or manipulation could ever compete with. I enjoy the challenge of featuring them in designs while not interfering with mother nature’s handiwork.