Richard Tardell

Richard Tardell is a retired emergency medicine physician with a lifelong interest in nature, travel and the arts. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in both French and Biology, a master’s degree in ecology and a doctorate in Medicine with specialty training in both family and emergency medicine.

Tardell is a self taught artist and photographer. He has been painting in watercolor for many years. After retiring from healthcare in 2005, Richard became a full time painter/photographer, working primarily in acrylic and oil. His preference is for large format canvas.

Richard’s subjects are quite varied. Today he might be doing a plein air French garden; tomorrow a mountain scene or a back yard bird. One of his specialties is pet portraiture. But, mostly, Richard enjoys paintings that invoke a good feeling or happy memory.

International travel is important to Richard and is often evident in his work. He has been fortunate to travel in five of the seven continents (Australia and Antarctica are on the horizon), and dozens of countries, usually with a backpack and a watercolor kit.

After returning to North Carolina from a two-year trek in New Zealand, Richard was the featured artist at multiple galleries in Wake Forest, NC. He was also, in Spring 2018, featured in the Wake Forest magazine 27587.

Artist’s Statement

I use my canvases to express what makes me happy. Whether it be the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand, the local gardens in France or the lovely birds and flowers of the US. I also enjoy painting commissions of family pets and portraits of people’s homes. These are both challenging and rewarding. I find it easy to become completely absorbed in my art projects and to lose all sense of time. Painting is both relaxing and endlessly therapeutic.