Shandi McConnell

Sandi earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In 1999 she moved to the Wilmington area and began her current career in art.


She uses various colors of stoneware clay to create functional and nonfunctional pottery. To form her pieces she throws on a potters wheel, extrudes, slab rolls and hand builds. Most of her pieces are glazed with a combination of glazes and designed with additional glaze applied with bamboo brushes. In her studio, she weighs and mixes the glazes, which are made from powdered chemicals. She fires her pottery twice in an electric kiln. The dried pots are first bisque fired to con 06 (1850 ° F), glazed and fired again to cone 5/6 (2200 ° F). Each step in the process has variables, which make each finished piece unique.


Her tiles are made by rolling a slab of clay, hand cutting each tile and pressing her design into the wet clay. Once the tiles and dried and bisque fired, she hand dips each tile into multiple glazes giving the tiles a wide range of surface qualities. Color, texture and pattern are the elements of design she uses.

Artist Statement

The creative process is never ending, which is why my work is always changing. I hope you enjoy my current pieces and the work to come.