Tim Patton

As a contemporary artist, I really enjoy the creative process, and the freedom of no boundaries.

Abstract is unique and challenging, and a way to communicate the visual through intuition, emotion and mediums.

Artwork is transformative and powerful, it changes the atmosphere of a home or office.

My work is always evolving and I love the unexpected!

Art seems to transcend time and space, and allows me to show the world from another perspective.

I believe life is art, because it’s interesting, innovative and unpredictable..

As a contemporary artist I really enjoy the creative process, and I am always experimenting with new ideas.

Working mostly with acrylic metallic mediums I scrape, scrub or pour colors onto my canvas sometimes seeing unintentional images appear thus drawing the viewer in to comment. The results are as much a surprise to me as they are to the viewer. As they say more will be revealed!