Custom Framing – Sometimes less is more!

Pure simplicity, sometimes that’s all it takes to showcase a beautiful piece of art. This magnificently colorful piece, by Ivey Hayes did not take an elaborate frame to bring out the vibrance of color.  When this was brought in for framing we originally started looking at some matting to bring out the colors in the piece, we found the blue to be a good choice, however it was too much blue if only that mat were used and a neutral top mat was not bringing it together.  My customer pulled this wide oak frame from the samples to try with the matting, but it was to large when combined.  The simple solution was to lose the mat and replace it with this blueberry color fillet.  The fillet is a little wood trim molding that fits inside the larger frame to create an accent, thus accenting the wonderful blueberries in their colorful pails.

– Lou Aliotta

  • Carole O'Neill

    I was delighted to read about author Carole O’Neill who has the same name as me. I am an artist who has recently moved to Ocean Isle Beach, and I would like to attend her talk on the 9th.
    Hope there’s room for me!

    1. Sunset River Marketplace

      We’ll add your name to the list! Carole O’Neill for Carole O’Neill!