Debbie’s Gallery Picks!

All of us who work here at the gallery have our favorite pieces of art. These are some of mine!

1. Marcus McClanahan is a NC native.  Lone vessels and structures dominate his work.  I love his brushstrokes and broken color sparkle on the canvas.  “Drifter” is one of my favorites.  You must take time to look at his paintings.  I call him the Monet of NC!

2. Freeman Beard. I love Freeman’s watercolor painting of the “Gathering of The Boats!” I would classify his work as realistic impressionism.  He can paint animals, boats, houses, and people, and they look so real to the eyes.

3. Mike Rooney uses light to his artwork.  He loves to paint en plein air to be involved with nature.  One of my favorite paintings by Mike is “Timeless!” He captivates such beautiful colors.

4. Joseph Bardani.  I love Joseph’s basic three styles – heavy impasto landscapes, still life, and abstracts. His artwork is beautiful and calming to the eyes.  His work never goes out of style.   “L. Como” is one of my favorite paintings that he has done. 

5. Anne Cunningham – Anne has no constricting boundaries! Her work continues to change and evolve. “Lifting Fog” is of my favorite. In this piece, she has painted each copper square into a  different image.  She experiments using and shaping metals, weaving cut strips and applying dyes and chemical to paint her work.

6. Brian Evans – Brian’s artistic expression in clay is very exciting to me.  He mostly uses the wheel to construct his pieces.  Brian is very tactile in forming pottery pieces from classical forms and nature. The pieces I choose from his collection are the vases and bowls with brown glazes with white crawl on them.   They are so different in style and color!

7. Lou Aliotta – Lou has been interested in photography since he was 14 years of age.  After moving to Southport, NC from New York, he began doing images of the Cape Fear Region and the NC Coast.  The one photography that speaks to me most is “Cotton Fields.” It reminds me of my childhood while driving through the country of NC visiting relatives and watching the cotton blowing in the wind.

– Debbie Bissette