Five Simple Framing Tips

Don’t have a measuring tape? Use a U.S. bill. It measures six inches. Fold it in thirds, two inches. Fold it in half, now you have six one-inch increments. Voila! Instant measuring tape!

Wiring. In most situations, you want to keep the framing wire near the top of the frame. This way, the pieces lays flat against the wall.

Always use UV filtering glass. Whether you’re framing a simple poster or original artwork, UV glass is the way to go. Inexpensive reproductions are made with less ink and often require more protection to keep them from fading.

Scratched up frame. Do a quick fix-it with paste shoe polish or a crayon. Then rub it in with your finger.

No masking tape! Or Scotch tape, duct tape or painter’s tape! Or cardboard backing! The acid in these products will ruin your art piece.

  • Victoria Runda

    I do my best to do my own work whenever possible. Though I have made my own frames on occasion I haven’t yet used UV filtering glass when I have. I’m going to have to start doing so to hopefully keep my designs from fading.

  • Justin Knox

    Thank you for the help. My wife and I are finally getting a couple pictures framed and will hang them soon. I had not realized that you could use UV filtering glass for the frame. Does that help preserve the photos better?