Gallery to feature Mark Hilliard’s new B&W exhibition; reception March 17

Sunset River Marketplace art gallery in Calabash, NC is set to feature works by photographer Mark Hilliard from March 15 – April 28, 2018. A reception, which is open to the public at no charge, will be held Saturday, March 17 from 1 to 4 p.m. Hilliard’s exhibition is titled 50 Shades of Grey – The Purity of Black & White. It marks Hilliard’s return to film after two decades of high-resolution digital work.

A landscape, wildlife and fine art photographer for over 50 years, Mark has traveled the world extensively, chasing his photographic visions, shooting with his 4×5 cameras and many medium format 6×12, 6×9, 6×7 and 6×4.5 film systems. He runs Mark Hilliard, Atelier, his studio and darkroom in Pawleys Island where he specializes in fine art nature and wabi sabi (art in decay) photography.

Hilliard practices alternative printing with his Van Dyke Brown (a process named for its similarity in color to the deep brown pigment used by Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyck in the 17th century) and platinum/palladium printing. Everything he creates is done in the studio and darkroom.

In a statement about his upcoming show in Calabash, Hilliard wrote,

“The Old Masters of Film gave us our beginnings, and our heritage. We have all studied them and the work they gave us over their lifetimes. Their techniques and advances are still applicable to us today!

“How many of you who practice photography have felt the desire to pick up some film and start shooting it again? Or, as an art collector have you stood before a pristine black and white image and felt its pull, allowing you to see the subject in all of its purity?

“Well, as a life long photographer (who, by the way, has totally embraced the digital world), let me tell you that the thought of again working in film filled me with a desire, almost lust that just will not be denied!   So, after two decades of absence, I again pick up the gauntlet of film and venture forth to create, all the while refilling my soul…

“When viewing B&W monochrome images one cannot but be struck by their clarity and presence.  They strip away all the clutter of everyday color work allowing you to view the ‘soul/ of the image.”

Ginny Lassiter, owner of Sunset River Marketplace, said, “Mark’s low country photography and his wildlife pieces are very popular with our clients and visitors. His black and white work is stunning, so we’re excited to feature his show in March and April. I hope our local collectors and photographers come and engage him at the reception on March 17th.”

Sunset River Marketplace showcases work by approximately 150 North and South Carolina artists, and houses some 10,000 square feet of oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, mixed media, art glass, fabric art, pottery, sculpture, turned and carved wood and artisan-created jewelry. There are two onsite kilns and four wheels used by students in the ongoing pottery classes offered by the gallery. A custom framing department is available. There are realistic and abstract art classes as well as workshops by nationally and regionally known artists. For more information, call 910.575.5999 or visit the website at

Sunset River Marketplace is located at 10283 Beach Drive SW (Hwy. 179), Calabash, N.C.  Hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For daily updates, “like” the gallery’s page on Facebook.