Ginny goes shopping in her garage

A year ago I acquired the house my grandparents built in 1946. Originally it was built with three small apartments and I actually lived there the first two years of my life. The house has always been in my family and over the past few years my cousin had redesigned it into a single family home.

One of the first things I wanted to do was to fill the built-in bookshelves. Well, because I did not want a flat screen TV in the middle of it I painted a large canvas to fill the space. To keep the original brick feel from the home’s exterior I painted the background “Florentine Clay” (by Valspar from Lowe’s). So then, of course, I wanted to find items that worked with the color.

I found baskets and some of my own handmade pottery  along with a seashell collection in a glass cannister and a piece of driftwood from Sunset Beach  — all of this from shopping in my garage ( much to the delight of my husband Joe). Someone turning into our driveway one night, had hit and destroyed one of the lanterns at the edge of the street. I couldn’t match the remaining one and, of course, I can’t bear to trash anything. Guess what ? It was in my garage and now I love the way it looks in my bookcase.  Several carved antique wooden fabric stamps are my own collection over the years. I love having a place to display them– They have such character!! And then there is a new find from my neighbor John who buys and resells great stuff. It is a fabulous copper clad clay vessel that he had snatched from an auction just the same day I got it. I love it !!

One of my other favorites is a wooden box with rope handles that must be ancient-  someone in my family probably made it and my family never threw away anything–also from my garage.

  • Michele Ambrosino

    I’m like you Ginny, hate to throw things away, but it’s hard not to when you start downsizing in our later years. But I’ve always been able to hold on to a few special family heirlooms and pull them out every once in a while to change up my living space with different treasures. Love your arrangements.

    1. Sunset River Marketplace

      Thanks for your comments Michelle. Last time I was at my dad’s I found a set of Bi-fold Louvre doors that I cleaned (really good) and then painted black to use beside my back entry door at my Wilson house. Oh my what a difference it makes to add that detail! Will post the photo soon.