Ginny On Mixing Art Styles

One of the things I have the most fun doing (in terms of design and helping clients) is combining the traditional and abstract or contemporary. This combination adds an upscale “today” vibe to any room. Many of us have family treasures or other art that we don’t want to part with. The challenge is making it fit your “now” lifestyle. Keeping a common color scheme helps to give it all a cohesive look.

In this grouping, black is the common theme. The size of the large abstract by Sterling Edwards makes it the focal piece, however two of Erna Tunno’s incredible watercolors – traditional in both style and custom framing – anchor the top and bottom of the group. Both have black and almost black elements. In the center of the wall are two traditional still life pieces by Micheline Sansregret, which have been framed in matching sophisticated contemporary frames with black linen that connects with the other pieces. The finishing touch is Jill Hope’s contemporary mixed media with metal assemblage in a natural illusion frame, but again with a black background.

The result is a striking wall that would work in many different spaces and I love the power of the sophisticated combination.


  • Jill Hope

    Great advice on mixing art styles. Thanks Ginny.

  • Betsy

    Gorgeous grouping and really good advice! Thanks, Ginny!!

  • MasterPiece

    In all art, black is playing the main role. Good Advice.