How important is texture?

I love texture! Texture is the icing on the cake! It’s what finishes a room, especially if you’re working with a monochromatic space or, as in this case, a very limited palette – red and shades of taupe and cream.

With textures in general, I like to limit the colors I’m using. Usually neutrals work well as a base color – maybe burlaps, hemps, linen or cottons. For this space, I’ve used three fabrics – the main pattern of large and small dots, the gold striped throw and pillow; and the dotted pillow. They’re different enough to be interesting, but still keep the look cohesive, so nothing overwhelms anything else.

I was in love with this antique daybed from the moment I found it, but the velvet fabric was so worn and dated, I had to reupholster it  (I promise, this was easy; I used a stapler!). But instead of removing the velvet, I used it to hold the shape together and covered over it using a great tone-on-tone natural popped with a rich red. I love the energy it gave to this great vintage piece.

I also use texture to provide contrast. Look how the curly willow adds interest and dimension, while the patinaed wood arm adds both warmth and a nice line. Nothing is more beautiful than warm wood of an old loved piece of furniture. The fringe on both the pillow and throw bring warmth to the room and provide a subtle contrast to the sleek and shiny surface of the hand thrown red vase.

Funny, I was getting ready to say that texture is actually more important to me than color, but then I think about a room with a brightly colored accent wall or the paintings of artists such as Joe DiGiulio, Sterling Edwards and Brian Rutenberg. I’m so drawn to all three of these artists and they all use strong vibrant colors.  So much for texture trumping color!

I’ll finish with a couple of thoughts or guidelines for using texture: Smooth or sleek textures can enhance the feeling of formality or “coolness” in a room. Rough textures can make your space more intimate. Using both can be interesting. Just be careful you don’t overdo it!!

Let me know what you think about using texture in design! I’ll try to answer any questions.  And I’d love to hear any tips you might have, too! Till next time …


  • Susan Dade

    I love your new website. I will be changing out some art on my wall soon!

    1. Sunset River Marketplace

      Hi Susan, glad you like the website. We at the gallery always appreciate your support! See you soon!