Switching your Fall tabletop decor to Christmas. EASY!

Last month in the Sunset River Marketplace eNewsletter, gallery owner Ginny Lassiter told us how to set up a simple rustic Autumn/Thanksgiving table (See inset photo below). For December, she’s shown how to transform that same rustic table for Christmas.

By changing out the centerpiece, replacing a wine goblet and adding a few rustic wood Santas to the table, Ginny easily switches from Thanksgiving to Christmas. (Photos by Lou Aliotta)

Last  month (see photo to the left), I told you I’d come back in this issue and tell you how to use the same printed burlap for a rustic Christmas table, too. So here we go.

I’m keeping the same burlap with the olive green print on it. I’m even going to keep the twig placemats, although you might want to add in some festive holiday placemats here.


Basically, I want to make this table setting a little richer. Instead of a stoneware goblet, I’m using a heavy glass for both water and wine. This would also work if you want to use crystal goblets, especially is you have a great chunky pattern.

As for plates, I kept the same charger and main plate, but I eliminated the third top plate.

I used green napkins and wrapped some berry sprigs from my wreath around them.

The centerpiece is where most of my effort went. I chose a luscious, beat up, vintage copper pot for my candles. You could use something like a gratin pot or a vintage Mexicancazon … just something old, pretty flat and without the long cooking handle.

Then I wrapped red berry wreath material around the pot and there it is … my Christmas centerpiece.

At the last minute, I added a few charming wood block Santas that I found. You could do the same thing with any holiday figurine, ornaments or even an antique toy.

The key to doing this quickly and successfully is to keep it simple. And to allow yourself to be creative. If you have fun, it’s going to show in your table.

Gallery owner Ginny Lassiter is also a potter, an abstract painter, and a design consultant for eclectic interiors. Her best advice? Stay away from matchy, matchy. Art doesn’t have to match your sofa!