The Look of a Custom Frame: Ed Fitzgerald Painting

The frame we’re showing you here is a very refined and elegant custom finished corner frame originally made in New York by the AMPF Frame Company.

Its beautiful varying blue color and segments of gold banding seemed perfect for this wonderful  oil on wood by the late Edward Fitzgerald.  Ed was one our fine artists here at the gallery and has been well collected by many of our clientele.  This particular piece, Man With a Quill, happens to belong to our framer, Lou Aliotta, who has had this vintage frame for some time.

Without having a matching piece of art to go with it, Ed’s piece was certainly worthy of such a fine frame. The colors, style and design come together almost as though it was custom made for the painting.  In fact, adding a custom touch, Lou adhered the oil painting to a navy blue linen background to create a little space and float the work within the frame. Ed would love it.

  • Ethel

    I like how well the colors and style match with the artwork that is being framed. Like you mentioned, the frame is very elegant. Art work is always better in a great frame!

  • Eliza Cranston

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful example of custom framing! It really does look like the frame was made for this painting. My grandma was an artist and we have a lot of watercolors of hers that have not been framed. Maybe I’ll look into having them mounted with vintage frames so I can display them.