Abstract Workshop with Cristiana Rioli
Based on Circle of Life

March 11, 2023
10am-4pm (with breaks)

Abstract art is about expression. In this one-day workshop you’ll learn to listen to your instinct and create your own “Circle of Life” painting. You’ll start your creative journey with a texturized white canvas that we will collage cardboard pieces and build layers with different mark-making tools and acrylic glazes. Lastly, the final accent will be added with soft and oil pastels. No experience necessary. This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself in a supportive and nurturing group of like-minded people. This workshop is limited to eight participants. Cost is $125 (nonrefundable). For information or to register, call the gallery at 910.575.5999.

Provided Materials:
White textured canvas (20×20 or 24×24), acrylic paint, matte medium, soft and oil pastels, mark making tools, finishing spray, cardboard, water containers.

You Bring:
Variety of brushes (including larger sizes 2 – 3 inches), rag or paper towels, snack or lunch if desired.